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And here we are, the final part of the summer summary, thanks for sticking with it. As I have said before there may be some of you out there wondering if you can afford a holiday this year. Have a … Continue reading

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A Summery Summary (Part 3)

A scoff, a scoff, my kingdom for a scoff. We are in the home straight for my blog round up and we are now at the real reason I started it. I wanted to let people know about places that … Continue reading

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Hail, Hail The Celts Are Here..

For unbelievably selfish reasons I whooped with joy when I watched the Champions League draw and saw that Celtic were paired with Barcelona. A similar reaction, I imagine, to that of the Christians when they were drawn against the lions. … Continue reading

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Vegetarians Not Welcome

It’s been a long time since I posted but in truth a combination of the weather, meaning terraces are shut, and financial humilation meant I really hadn’t been anywhere worthy of recommendation. That all changed a few weeks back, when … Continue reading

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I’ve said it before…

The initial idea behind this blog was to highlight some of the places and ways that visitors could get value for their money on a trip here.  Too many people follow the recommendations in guide books where the restaurants etc. … Continue reading

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I’ve changed…

My first exposure to “budget” wine was Old Tawny Eldorado, served at ambient temperature in the delightful surroundings of Campsie Cemetery. Such was the culture at the time it is very possible that the wine was older than me, making … Continue reading

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