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It’s Been A While….

Apologies for the lack of entries recently. I realise my last blog was posted in an age where 70s TV icons were on nostalgia programmes rather than Crimewatch. By way of excusing the shoddiness I should explain that of a … Continue reading

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Hail, Hail The Celts Are Here..

For unbelievably selfish reasons I whooped with joy when I watched the Champions League draw and saw that Celtic were paired with Barcelona. A similar reaction, I imagine, to that of the Christians when they were drawn against the lions. … Continue reading

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Here’s a pizza advice (I hate myself for that)

When it comes to eating out I’ve always had a bit of an issue with Italian food. I know it borders on racial stereotyping but I have always felt a bit cheated paying 8 or 9 quid for a bowl … Continue reading

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The blogging equivalent of a stutter?

My last post was about Kikiriki, a recently reopened place on Gran Via at Pl. Espanya. Purely in the interests of accuracy the wife and I took a lunch in there yesterday, as a result I got a bit more … Continue reading

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Yet ANOTHER menu del dia recco

Okay, I realise I am fast becoming that bloke at a party who makes you seriously consider feigning a heart attack as a way of ending his relentless babble on a certain subject. (I have noticed in the South of … Continue reading

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If Cary Grant had been computer literate before he was famous

He would have been Archie tech-sure.. (I’ve been listening to too many Bugle podcasts recently) One of my many fans, well, the only one who bothers, suggested a blog about my favourite buildings in the city. Oddly enough he said … Continue reading

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I’ve changed…

My first exposure to “budget” wine was Old Tawny Eldorado, served at ambient temperature in the delightful surroundings of Campsie Cemetery. Such was the culture at the time it is very possible that the wine was older than me, making … Continue reading

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