An me wi’ a bad leg tae….

As the week of the Manchester 10k arrives I thought a wee update was in order. Sadly I have to borrow the title of a Billy Connolly play to summarise the last few weeks . Around six weeks back I was running along the banks of the Mersey in Chorlton when I heard a wee pop in my left knee as a result I have been unable to do any training or indeed any running whatsoever…

Now, I am no expert but I am fairly sure that isn’t the ideal preparation for a 10k run but that said you have already been ridiculously generous and I have been overwhelmed with the generosity of the your donations to my Just Giving page already. That left me with a decision to make, sack it off or make some kind of an attempt at it. After literally seconds of deliberation I decided I’m still going to do it even if it means walking or limping through the whole thing.  As the element of danger of a cardiac arrest has been removed I will have to come up with something to make it entertaining for those not taking part . Let’s be honest the marathon coverage has never been the same since they stopped showing the rubber legged participants crawling over the finish line which despite their obvious distress was absolutely bloody hilarious.

I am toying of doing summat like live tweeting it, mebbes talking to other people on the run and posting it on my twitter, some general bawbaggery in hope that it might be a wee bit entertaining .

In truth the reason I am still doing it is that I believe that the charity CALM is worthy of support . Without getting too heavy the sense of community and family I grew up with is a thing of the past. My parents each had three siblings and with the exception of my Uncle John who emigrated to Canada they all lived within a two mile radius of each other and in fact  all my mother’s siblings lived on our street. Add that to friends of my parents who were “Aunties and Uncles” , and factor in a tight community with a strong sense of natural social justice meant there was a powerful support system for those who were struggling for whatever reason.

We live in different times, families are separated for many reasons, some geographical and others through the breakdown of the family unit leaving many isolated and feeling alone. CALM’s focus is prevention of male suicide and my support is based on my own experience of “malehood” where not only do real men not talk about their feelings they don’t actually have any (other than a sense of well being when their football team wins)

So come Sunday I’ll be there in a Jimmy Johnstone t-shirt prepared to limp round the whole course if necessary and, weather permitting, I will attempt some kind of live tweeting nonsense which will hopefully give some sense of the day to those of you outside Manchester.

For those of you in the city who are coming along I will need support and I am told that taking on fluids is vital so if you want to help me on my way then can I suggest you bring some of this along with you…



To anyone else running this Sunday I wish you all the very best and you can be safe in the knowledge that there is at least one person doing it who won’t finish in front of you.

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