The Reality Bites

Someone said to me if the country votes for a Tory government what did you expect but a Tory government..

Mebbes I was in denial that it wouldn’t be as bad as I feared. I was wrong. There’s a couple of things that I’ve seen on some social media sites that I felt were worth more that the 140 characters I use on Twitter..

First up is a wee thing wot I wrote

Maybe my circumstances are affecting my view but it didn’t take long for my life to change. A year or so ago I had disposable income and life was pretty comfortable. A couple of events that can happen to anyone and I’m watching every penny and any “frivolities” like a pint at lunchtime have to be planned.

I shudder to think what it must be like if you have kids, the toll on your mental state of constantly being borderline skint is something few on here experience.

Yet language like “dodgers” “scroungers” and “handouts” are part of day to day conversation and coming from people who are themselves only a small change in their circumstances away from being in the situation of the people they look down on.

Hateful, utterly hateful and I truly despair…

That provoked my pal Stephen to write this, and I’ve yet to see anything that captures my feelings better..

I can’t remember a budget that ever made a noticeable financial difference to me. No budget has ever changed my life and nor has a change of government. That’s because I’ve been lucky. I’ve slotted into the part of society where I get all the good labels; I’ve generally always had a job, I’ve always had a safe home, I’ve had a secure family around me. My life has never broken down. Politics doesn’t really have much of an effect on me directly.

If you’re at the margins of society – poor or very rich – then the budget matters a great deal and a Tory budget will always benefit the wealthier. It must be heartbreaking to have your lifelines cut by a very privileged man who labels you a “scrounger” as he does it and intends to create a society in which you can never escape poverty whilst all the time holding up lucky, lazy bastards like me as a paragon of hard-working virtue. I fucking hate the Tories. I hate the fucking Mail/Express/Sun reading fuckwits who swallow it all up and vote for them, all the time counting the extra pennies that they may have saved whilst delighting in the misery of those they consider beneath them. By this time next year they’ll be offering tax breaks to anyone who can find a way to make money out of foodbanks because that’s the next boom industry in this country. Fuck the Tories. Fuck them to hell. Long may they burn.

I’ll leave the last word to a friend of mine, Salford poet, JB Barrington who wrote a poem about how we have a society that blames its ills on the weak rather that those who are truly taking the most…

Don’t look down…

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