A complete change of direction and focus for the blog

Actually that title is utter tish and pish, I’m back on the same old theme “best value for money is menu del dia, blah blah blah.”

The stats for the site suggest that (for some unknown reason) I have picked up a load of new readers so I just want to put the blog in some kind of context. The blog is not for the sort of visitor who arrives in the city, stays in 5 star hotel,has pockets full of cash and wallet full of credit cards. It’s for people like me who have far too much month left at the end of the money and “savings” are something you’d find in a badly sub-edited match report on the Guardian website. If you are here in Barcelona I’m aiming for the”F**k it, let’s lump a trip onto the credit card” visitor and I want to do my bit to ensure the pain isn’t too bad when the bill drops through the door a few weeks later.

So, here’s a recommendation for a place which is pretty central. Aribau 3 is a restaurant just off Pl. Universitat, which is a couple of minutes walk from Pl. Catalunya. It’s on Carrer Aribau and I’ll leave you to guess what number.

Aribau 3

I’m going to focus on the menu del dia but I have to say the selection of tapas available at the bar is very impressive, and, for being so central is reasonably priced. I’ve mentioned it before but if you are going to “do tapas” (that’s one of those expressions like “taking to twitter” that annoys me) then a general tip is to take a look at the offerings they have in the display things on the bar, if it looks fresh and appetising then wire in. The tapas here certainly falls into that category.

Bar Tapas

Bar Tapas

At the weekend Aribau offers a three course menu with a bottle of wine for 12 € a head and for being so central this represents a great deal. The menu changes every day so I can’t recommend any dishes in particular but in the half dozen plus times I’ve eaten here I’ve yet to be disappointed,

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Here’s the menu from the day we visited (There’s no English translation so a phrase book or a translation app is useful).  I had the eggs with anchovies and although pretty simple was magic. Herself has to avoid cheese but fancied a salad and the staff were really happy to accommodate  a minor request and brought her a green salad but clearly made an effort to present it properly and had more than the standard lettuce and tomato content. It came with carrot, peppers green asparagus and a selection of green leaves. As I said, simple but very well done. You’d be surprised how many places look at you as if you had just coiled one off in the middle of the restaurant if you ask for the smallest of deviations from the menu.

Rerr wee wegg starter

Once that was polished off with the minimum of fuss I set about my “entrecote” it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that when it’s part of a three course for 12 € menu it’s no’ really entrecot it’s normally a rump steak or the like. Mind you if it’s cooked properly it’s good eatin’. And at Aribau they cooked it properly.

It came with chips and another thing in their favour is they didn’t go down the “McCain Frozen” route, they make their own and although not a patch on a good Glasgow “chippy chip” they were decent.

Rikki Lake

To finish it off I had a wee tart…..

Wee tart

There you have it, a good feed, central location for 12€ a head as I said at the beginning if you are spending that on a good lunch in nice surroundings you won’t be sobbing under the bed when the credit card bill arrives through the door.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to go back and revisit some of the previous entries and update the prices so you can get as good an idea as possible about how much you are likely to spend. There are tough times and if you have managed to escape your life at home for a couple of days I want to do my little bit to ensure you don’t get ripped off when you are here.

Here’s to the joys scraping by and the small victories that make life worth living

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