Vegetarians Not Welcome

It’s been a long time since I posted but in truth a combination of the weather, meaning terraces are shut, and financial humilation meant I really hadn’t been anywhere worthy of recommendation.

That all changed a few weeks back, when the sun came out and it got a bit warmer we took the dog  down to Barceloneta beach. On the way back we walked along Carrer Almirall Cervera and passed a bar where 8 years ago we made friends with Luis and his family. The Mrs. having a suspected case of the Tex Ritters meant we had to dive into the first bar we came across. We were treated like kings by Luis and stayed in the place for a spectacular 12 hour session and with that a firm  friendship was born

It used to be, frankly, a little shithole, populated latterly by people who looked like extras from the cantina in Star Wars.  The stress of dealing with these numbnuts forced Luis’s wife into position where simething had to change. It was then changed from a local bar for zoomers and helmets into a Carnivores paradise.

The family, even back in the day, always had a “make it good, make it cheap and they will come” mentality. This is the philosophy they have brough to La Malandrina. It’s not the place to go for a quiet, romantic meal, it’s where you go to get stuck into grilled meat products, get some wine and beer down your neck and get the hell out of there as it is always completely rammed.

Zoomers and helmets removed

Once you get seated there’s a decision to be made, “do I have the big steak or the bigger steak?” keep it this simple  because this is where the clincher comes in. The big steak, served with creamed potatoes will rip you off to the tune of 7.50 € and the bigger steak will rape you for a whopping 9.50€.

A genius at work

On the off chance you are not ravenously hungry then there is an option which is to get wired into a few plates of the good stuff and get it tapas style. A plate of steak, sausage and black pudding and creamed spuds will get you a handful of change from a tenner and is a great option if you need a snack on the way to or back from the

Steaky, porky, bloody, potatoey goodness

beach. Rattle some  of their chimmichurri sauce over it and enjoy.

Despite having a personal connection with the people who run the place please believe me when I say this has had no influence on me. I know a load of people in my work who live in Barceloneta and they all rave about the “steak and creamed potato place” and some of them are actually sensible people who can walk upright and dress themselves and everything.

So do yourself a huge favour and make sure you find time to spend an hour in the company of a great family and some premium grilled dead animal.

The Boul' Luis

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Used to live in Barcelona, now in Chorlton... It's not *that*bad
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8 Responses to Vegetarians Not Welcome

  1. Marie Murray says:

    I remember going to this establishment. I do not remember leaving it.

  2. Jonathan Hall says:

    Good to have you back posting.

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  4. john mccormick says:

    Was in on Thursday night , great food and great host. Incredible value for money.

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  7. went back two weeks ago , my last visit in August was during Luis`s holiday so I was denied the pleasure of the steak feast. However I was not denied two weeks ago, two large steaks and creamy potatoes , bottle of house red, bread and sauce, two carajillo all for about £30 !!! More to the point, the quality and quantity was fantastic. Add to that the wee chat and “herbas” with Luis made for a great evening. Will always go there , I will not be denied!!
    PS the table of 6 shouty American students who managed to make one bottle of wine last over an hour, were a huge pain in the butt to everyone and almost made want to leave. However the quallity of the food won out. Suggest Luis instals a scanner to weed out shouty Yanks with no social skills.

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