Yet ANOTHER menu del dia recco

Okay, I realise I am fast becoming that bloke at a party who makes you seriously consider feigning a heart attack as a way of ending his relentless babble on a certain subject. (I have noticed in the South of England many men are obsessed by road transport, and the best route between two points, always a rivetting subject). In my defence I have been on holiday this week and the menu del dia has always  been at the heart of the plan for the day

I have written extensively about the area around Pl. Espanya and this recommendation follows the usual format. A  short walk along Gran Via in the direction of the airport is a place called Kikiriki. It’s hugely popular with locals and has recently reopened after a refurb. It does a sensational menu mid-week for 9 euro and I’m struggling to remember when I had a better feed for the money.

For starters I had the mixed Paella, it was light on seafood but heavy on the meat, rabbit and chicken, with some shellfish. Herself had the figs with serrano ham and it was delicious. Very light and damn tasty.

Yer Paella and yer figs n' ham

For main course we both had braised slices of beef in gravy with a wee dod of rice on the side. (There are no photos, I had caned half of it before remembering about the blog) Not a huge portion but perfect for a lunch.

The sweets were the usual suspects, creme catalan an that but  obviously home-made and delicious. Of all the places I have recommended in the area, if you only do one of them then I suggest this is it.

Only word of warning, for some reason it doesn’t open on a Saturday and I have no idea why.

As a little extra I would always suggest that you, wherever possible, take lunch on the terrace in any place you visit. The reason? People watching, one of the greatest pleasures that Barcelona has to offer. I come from a long line of “people watchers”, my sister in particular is a huge fan. I always smile at the text message that advises me that winter has passed in Scotland. She always lets me know when   the “First simmet of summer” is spotted. For non-scotchers the “simmet” is a vest and the sighting of a man wandering about wearing only a vest is proof positive that Spring has sprung. (It’s usually spotted in early April and invariably in the leafy Glasgow suburb of Possil).

This week I have spotted a jaikie in a boob tube and hot pants, a young South American lassie who obviously doesn’t speak English as I am assuming of she did she wouldn’t have bought a T-shirt with the saying “In My Mouth” on the front. Also spotted was a couple who clearly are fitness fanatics. He’s gone mental and got bang on the steroids. He has the upper body of Britain’s Strongest Man and the legs of an eight year old child who doesn’t like sports. Do steroids shrink everything below the waist? His burd though is a cracker. She’s had the boob implants and, far more entertainingly arse implants for that, “I love chips, me” look in the ronson area. In truth I was too scared to take a pic as he looked like he could get a bit “ragey”.

Enjoy your food but take the time to enjoy the zoomer infested hinterland.

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