Wincey Willis type entry

I realise that reference will be lost on a depressing number of you, Wincey Willis was the weather wummin on TV-AM and was the most punchable member of the team. When you consider that the show regularly featured Nick Owen, Anne Diamond and Richard Keys you have some idea of her capacity to annoy.

The boul' Wincey

This post was prompted by a couple of things, the weather here in the last couple of weeks (Turbo-Scorchio) and an encounter with a couple of Manc tourists who decided that they fancied a walk up to Montjuic Castle in near 40 degree heat. He was sweating like a hoor in confession and she was “glowing” like Michelle McManus outside a Weightwatchers meeting. The city of Barcelona is best enjoyed on foot and walking around in July and August can, in reality, be a very uncomfortable experience.

I realise that the weather is one of the reasons that people come here but if you really want to see as much as possible in comfort then I’d avoid August in particular. The idea of 35 degree heat is grand but wandering around it is not that pleasant. Furthermore, even using the public transport system to get around can be an assault on the senses. Well, when I say senses I really mean sense, your sense of smell in particular. At this time of year I can only assume that huge swathes of the city are affected by water shortages and there is also clearly a soap thief at large. A disturbing number of people are, to use a bit of Glasgow rhyming slang, Abe Lincoln.

If you want the sun on your back then look to visit May/June or September/October, the temperature will be low 20s and perfect for cuttin’ aboot. You may need a wee cardigan or jumper when the sun goes down but bearing in mind in the UK you’d still be wearing a parka it’s not exactly a hardship.

Outside these months the temperature will always be a fair bit higher than Blighty even in winter you’ll probably find the weather a welcome change from the rain and drizzle at home

One thing though, it does rain here, and when it does it tends to be from the “biblical” end of the weather spectrum. It appears to be the plan that it is best to get a week’s worth of rain over and done  inside 15 minutes. I love big weather, me and sitting in a bar watching the ran battering down is ACE, especially in Summer when,within an hour, you’ll have no idea that it had rained at all.

I am conscious that this post has a “the grass is green” quality about it, blogging that it is hot in Barcelona definitely falls into that category but my point is more that to have the best possible experience avoiding the searing heat of late July and August is the sensible option.

Next up on the blog, “Did you know that Barcelona has a football team” sponsored by Stating The Bleeding Obvious Inc.

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1 Response to Wincey Willis type entry

  1. Jon H says:

    Amazing how many people think it’s a good idea to go hot places in August, Jim. It’s horrible.

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