I’ve said it before…

The initial idea behind this blog was to highlight some of the places and ways that visitors could get value for their money on a trip here.  Too many people follow the recommendations in guide books where the restaurants etc. featured have all handed over dosh to get “recommended”

This entry was inspired by a few things, me, being skint and on holiday for a week and a proclamation by the guy behind this site that “Tapas is shit” (To quote Danny Baker  he’s worth a follow on Twitter @surrealfootball as he’s sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but always certain)

Dealing with the “me, being skint” bit I have long banged the drum about making lunch your big meal of the day due to the fantastic menu del dia deals on offer throughout the city. For some reason, Thursday is Paella Day when most places have this on the menu as a starter.

I wandered along Gran Via yesterday and stopped at one of the first places I came to. For 9 euro, I had paella, a nice big chunk of rump steak (It says entrecot on the menu, for 9 euro I’m thinking they may be lying) some ice cream and washed down with “Alkie Vimto”  a bottle of red wine and gaseoa.

Erz yer first course for 9 euro

As long as you get away from the Ramblas area you should find no difficulty in finding somewhere that does a deal like this. As a general tip, take a look in the window or on the terrace and see how busy it is. As good an indicator to quality and value as any.

Now, let’s tackle the “Tapas is shit” part. Yer man has a point, Tapas, most definitely has the potential to be shit. But much like *insert name of good football player criminally played out of his best position here* it’s not that it’s shit it’s just not used properly.

The problem is that most tourists have “some tapas” as their main meal. I’ve had to do this a few times when the company I work for takes out visiting clients for dinner. They always want to “get some tapas”. Every fucking night I find myself in the queue in my local kebab shop as I am still starving. To eat enough tapas to give you that “waffer theen mint” feeling you’d have to spend a fortune, a fortune that could be better spent on a proper plate of scran and a bellyful of swally.

Here’s when tapas is not shit, if you have had a good tightener (great Scottish expression for a hearty feed) for lunch but come six or seven you feel a little peckish. At that time a nice plate of ham, anchovies, manchego cheese or chorizo washed down with a glass of the rid biddy is sublime. Likewise if you have had a hearty breakfast grazing your way through the day by topping up with tapas is magic. This is on the basis that at night you are going out for a proper dinner, of course.

So, there you have it, I have definitively proved that Tapas is not shit, except that it is, a bit.

A career in politics would await me were it not for some “unpleasantness” in my private life as a youth. Even with the demise of the NOTW I have to face the facts, that door is forever closed.

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