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Wincey Willis type entry

I realise that reference will be lost on a depressing number of you, Wincey Willis was the weather wummin on TV-AM and was the most punchable member of the team. When you consider that the show regularly featured Nick Owen, … Continue reading

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Hmmmm herself appears to be horrifically hungover

This may be the prefect opportunity to have a ramble. A few reminders, some general tips and mebbes a boaby joke or two. One of the most common misconceptions that people have is that yer Catalans get really surly if … Continue reading

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I’ve said it before…

The initial idea behind this blog was to highlight some of the places and ways that visitors could get value for their money on a trip here.  Too many people follow the recommendations in guide books where the restaurants etc. … Continue reading

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Self regarding nonsense

So far, the entries on this blog have been a genuine attempt to inform visitors to the city about some stuff, preferably cheap, to see, to do and eat when you visit Barcelona. (Working in boaby jokes along the way … Continue reading

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It’s a family thing

This post is in no way designed to ensure that my sister, who is coming over in a month or so, fills her suitcase with Bell’s Steak & Gravy Pies, Lyon’s Sports Mixture, Ruffle Bars et al. She suggested that … Continue reading

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So, I married a sun worshipper….

I got a suggestion from a mate about a new blog entry which dovetailed nicely as, around the same time, I was reading on a forum about some poor chap who gets dragged to Europe’s hot spots every year because … Continue reading

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