If Cary Grant had been computer literate before he was famous

He would have been Archie tech-sure.. (I’ve been listening to too many Bugle podcasts recently)

One of my many fans, well, the only one who bothers, suggested a blog about my favourite buildings in the city. Oddly enough he said “other than Sagrada Familia”, thing is, I reckon that particular building is one of the world’s great overrated tourist attractions. I find it gaudy and provokes feelings of ire at Catholic Church PLC in me. That said the best photo of that building I’ve seen was in the Bodega Monumental (see previous entry), it was taken very early in its construction as can be seen from the absence of any other buildings in the area.

Sagrada Famillia (Click to enlarge)

Being a Glasgow boy, and this is a top tip if you are ever up there, I am well accustomed to taking the time to look above ground floor level of buildings. This is rewarding in Glasgow but even more so here. I have lived in various parts of Barcelona and every barrio has its own gems. For example, near my flat, next to Arenas shopping centre you’ll find this building.

Say No To Drugs, kids

A fairly unremarkable building, in an unremarkable street transformed by some batshit mentalist deciding “I know what this building needs…a big fuck-off mosaic butterfly”. I was unreliably informed that there was a period, around the start of the last century where the planning application process relied on the sort of scrutiny that would prepare you perfectly for an Editor’s job at News International. Essentially all you had to prove was that the building wouldn’t fall down and you were sorted. This building, and many, many others also suggest that hallucinogenic drugs were freely available in the city at this time. What I recommend is to take a bit of time to wander around the city, raise your eyes above shop front level and enjoy the view.

As far as the original suggestion from (WARNING Website plug approaching) one of the men behind this ace little site http://www.tvbite.com/ I honestly struggle to say what is my favourite building, there are loads that are ace for different reasons. The Cathedral Santa Maria Del Mar speaks to my inner lapsed taig, for example.

Testament To Top Taig Architecture

If I had to be pinned down one building I have always loved is on Passeig De Colom, I remember being very impressed by it and when I saw people coming and going through the front door, I had an investigate..

The building in the centre is.....?

Through the doors I was confronted with lines of people, some of whom looked as if they had been there for days, a look in their eyes that said they had lost the will to live, the people behind the counter doing everything in their power to avoid eye contact and dealing with the person two feet away from them.

I knew immediately what I’d stumbled across, what else could it be other than a post office?

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