For you sickos out there

You know who you are, twisted, evil individuals who, come the revolution may find themselves blindfolded, in some discomfort, against a wall. I appreciate that for certain High Court Judges and Tory MPS this may represent a normal Tuesday night. In this case I am talking about you healthy feckers, with yer pious air about you, fridges packed with stuff labelled “low fat”, “healthy”and”packed with Omega3 although we have no fucking idea what it is or does”

For those of you affected by this hideous affliction, visiting Barcelona, the obvious thing to do is kill yourself  is to hire a bike. I used to live next to a guy who was part of the planning committee for the 92 Olympics, he said that the idea was to use the money flowing into the city to build a long term infrastructure that would make Barcelona a visitor friendly city for decades rather than just two weeks. This mentality has remained and one of the manifestations of this is that the city is very bike friendly. In last few years a “use it and leave it” bike hire service was introduced for the locals. To support this the council have opened a number of bike lanes which mean you can get around the town quickly and, more importantly safely. You can get some idea of the extent of the network on the link below. As for hiring a bike here’s a link to one of the better places but you can’t go far in the centre without coming across somewhere you can satisfy your sick addiction

Seriously though, even for “normals” the bike is a relaxing way of getting to see the place. My view is that all that bollocks of reading maps,planning routes and that eats into valuable swallying and eating time so a great idea is to join one of the bike tours that will take you around all the places you’d expect to see at a “fond of a good breakfast” friendly pace.  For around the 20 euro mark, it’s decent value for money too.

They do understand that exercise while on a city break is for the mentals so part of the tour does involve a pit stop on the beach for refuelling, the dangers of blood reentering the alcohol and saturated fat system cannot be understated.

Time for a wee break

I know a few people who have done this tour and they did mention that it was also a good way of meeting people, who you can arrange to meet later, spend 15 minutes in their company, have the “what the fuck was I thinking” moment before feigning a seizure to get away from them.

Enjoy, sickos and normals alike

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Used to live in Barcelona, now in Chorlton... It's not *that*bad
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