If I was a fat lad, doobie doobie doobie doobie doobie do

First up apologies that this is first entry for a few days, the disturbing fact dawned on me that my landlord apparently wants the rent paid EVERY month and the good people at Mercadona supermarkets have made it clear that a winning smile and a wee bit of patter is not legal tender in Catalunya. As a consequence I have been forced back into the workplace, aside from being able to pay for stuff now it does mean that these entries will be less regular. if you are enjoying the blog pop it on subscription and you’ll get an email telling you when there’s a new entry. (Are you listening http://www.tvbite.com/ ?)

Now to business, I have bemoaned the inability of the Catalans to make a decent cake in the past but that doesn’t mean that fans of clinical obesity need to panic unduly. If you have a desire to bring forward the onset of diabetes and heart disease than this process can be assisted by the good people who run churro vans and shops. The Churro is essentially doughnut  piped and then deep fried (what’s not to love, eh?) the hot churro is then sprinkled with sugar and served in brown paper. If you really can’t wait for a daily regime of injections, blindness and toe amputations then you have the option of ordering a cup of chocolate to dip them in. Ooooohhhh Baby. You’ll find a Churreria in most areas but the best places to get them are the vans you’ll find dotted around the city, these are freshly prepared and served to you by comfortingly chubby staff behind the counter.

So, to recap, dough, deep fried, smothered in sugar, served with a cup of chocolate. The snack of the Gods, the Gods to be found in St Peter’s High Dependency Unit obviously

Queue of fat people and stoners not pictured

Come to me my deep fried harlot

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