Cheap wee outing on an empty bladder

Back to slightly more familiar  territory, i.e. a wee entry about the place 5 minutes walk from my front door. If you are on a tight budget then an early evening spent at Pl Espanya is an option. A trip  up to the Museum that overlooks the city is a pleasant way to spend an hour or so.

View up to the museum

The reason I mentioned an early evening visit is that, at night, the fountains are switched on and coordinated to the sounds of classical music and erm. theme songs from famous films. May sound a little cheesy but it’s actually no’ bad. As it is free it’s a nice experience for no dinero. My only tip is that the park hasn’t much in the way of public toilet facilities, standing for half an hour watching gushing water could have you reaching for the aul’ tena pads or polythene undercrackers if you haven’t planned ahead

Yer Fountains of Incontinence

Show times (Click on pic to enlarge)

A short stroll from the Plaza, along Gran Via towards the airport are a couple of places where you can fuel up without spending huge amounts of cash. One block from the plaza there is a stretch where you can get a decent pizza, a nice cake shop and a frankfurt bar that does a perfectly acceptable sanger.They also get round that occasionally problematic situation where many places don’t serve food between  4 and 8pm.

Dinina Stefy does a good sized pizza slice for 3€ and a full pizza for 7.50€, all freshly made by yer actual Italian sorts from up that Napoli. Two doors down, Mas Frankfurt does a good selection of sandwiches for the 3/4€ mark, with a bottle of beer at 1.75€ it won’t be a painful experience calling for the bill. Sandwiched (sorry)in between is a newly opened coffee shop that, unusually for the city, serves tasty cakes. From a man with a yum-yum addiction I have been horrified at the poor quality of cakes and biscuits here. (If anyone from Greggs is following this blog, please please please consider opening a shop here)

Pizza scran place

Cakes and cooked dead animal emporiums

One last thing about this entrance to Montjuic park if you have a bit of time (or energy)  behind the art museum you’ll find the Olympic stadium and museum. Again not the worst waste of an hour so wandering round the stadium and its environs (I should point out that there are escaltors that save that pesky walking up stairs malarkey). Keeping within a budget and still getting value for little or no money is possible when there are things like this available.

Park to the front of Olympic stadium

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5 Responses to Cheap wee outing on an empty bladder

  1. gee says:

    You can take the Scotsman out of Scotland…etc.

  2. Jon H says:

    Surprised at the lack of portable cakes. Suppose they’re all about ice cream instead. Or Tarta Whisky.

  3. Churros am ace, but cake-wise the overall standards are low.
    Yer spot on about the ice cream though, I am a bastard for the aul’ fruits of the forest stuff

  4. Jonathan Hall says:

    You’ve not found some of the proper cake places then. Escriba are good and i think there are a few over in The Borne.

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