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I gotta get out of this place

So far the blog has been aimed at the city break audience but I thought there may be a few of you wondering what it would be like to actually live here. This entry has been prompted by recent experience … Continue reading

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For you sickos out there

You know who you are, twisted, evil individuals who, come the revolution may find themselves blindfolded, in some discomfort, against a wall. I appreciate that for certain High Court Judges and Tory MPS this may represent a normal Tuesday night. … Continue reading

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If I was a fat lad, doobie doobie doobie doobie doobie do

First up apologies that this is first entry for a few days, the disturbing fact dawned on me that my landlord apparently wants the rent paid EVERY month and the good people at Mercadona supermarkets have made it clear that … Continue reading

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It’s Tapas Jim, but not as we know it

I must make it clear from the outset, I have never eaten in the first place I am going to recommend, reasons being, it only opened a couple of months ago, it doesn’t have a dog friendly terrace and the … Continue reading

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A wretched hive of scum and villany

My previous entries may have suggested that the above Star Wars quote reflected my personal view on the Ramblas area (it does). In my defence I am fairly sure that residents of any major city would have a fairly similar … Continue reading

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Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get angry

Before going on I need to put this entry in a little bit of context. I was born into a devout ( Catholics are always devout, Protestants are always staunch) catholic family. Sadly, for my mum at least, the taig … Continue reading

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Cheap wee outing on an empty bladder

Back to slightly more familiarĀ  territory, i.e. a wee entry about the place 5 minutes walk from my front door. If you are on a tight budget then an early evening spent at Pl Espanya is an option. A tripĀ  … Continue reading

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