Get the f**k outtahere

For yer proper holiday types, i.e the ones where your partner doesn’t speak to you for 2 weeks as opposed to just the two days there are some great places within an easy commute of Barcelona. The idea of having a traditional resort holiday with the option of having a couple of days up that Barcelona is not the worst

I’ll kick off with something for them what have kids and who need a wee taste of home at same time. Without being judgemental if you want somewhere that is great for kids, has pubs with Brit beers and fry ups with bastarding beans on them then there are two obvious choices.

Salou to the south is a “traditional” Brit friendly resort around 90 minutes from Barcelona, it ticks all the above boxes and an added bonus for families the PortAventura Theme Park lies just outside the town. For theme park likers you’ll definitely enjoy a day or two at this particular attraction,it has a water park, good rollercoasters, beer retailers in abundance and a surprising lack of pools of vomit. Between the beach, weather, theme park and a day up Barcelona it is worth considering for a family holiday.

To the north of the city lies Lloret De Mar, again ticks all the “Britresort” boxes, it is a little livelier than Salou and truthfully you need to be a special sort of person to enjoy  that experience. Special as in “I used to get a different bus to school from the rest of my pals” special.

There are a number of resorts both to the north and south that would make grand, city visit friendly, holiday destinations, Paneda De Mar, Castelldelfells and for those readers that are “good to their mother” Sitges is a must visit, huge gay community and a fantastic buzz about the town. Not a place to visit if you have homophobic tendencies but a great destination if you are well-adjusted and not an utter cunt.

All of these places have their attractions but, for me, the jewel in the crown of the Costas around Barcelona is Tossa De Mar.

You complete Tossa

It’s around 20 minutes from Lloret to the north but is in a different league, nice beach, a lovely tranquil atmosphere and some great traditional restaurants.Sinatra and Ava Gardner filmed here in the 50s and a load of the bars have photos of the great pair and of Sinatra too.. They are so proud of this that there is a a statue of Ava in the grounds of the castle that overlooks the town (I defy any male visitor not to engage in some “cupping” action when standing next to it)I spent my honeymoon here and loved every second. If you want to recharge your batteries I can think of no finer place. I can’t recommend this place enough.

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Used to live in Barcelona, now in Chorlton... It's not *that*bad
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2 Responses to Get the f**k outtahere

  1. A.Sam says:

    Hi Jim. I’ll be visiting Barcelona in April and I’m planning to visit Tossa De Mar as a day trip. Get there on the 1st bus or so and get back into BCN late afternoon. Do you reckon it’ll be too rushed? Think it’ll still be rather chilly then so I’m gonna skip the beach. What else do you recommend I could do or see? Note: I don’t speak Spanish at all.

    • The trip will take mebbes 3/4 hours all in. I think heading back early afternoon isn’t long enough to spend there. Going up Tibidabo is mebbes a better bet, some incredible views of the city from up there

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