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I said I’d like to put stuff on the blog that you may not find in other guides. In a shameless and lazy effort to fulfill this aim I am going to tell you about a new shopping centre, Las Arenas, that opened, hour ago.

Erzi shopping centre and viewing gallery

At Pl. Espanya there is a former bullring that has been empty for as long as most people can remember, it has been in a state of refurbishment for years, dogged by problems as it appeared that signing up to do some work on the place meant your company would be bankrupt within three months. Finally they found a use for it and a company that were able to put the money up to have the place finished.

What it has become is a shopping centre, cinema complex and rock museum (the music rather than bricks an that). The reason I’ve mentioned something as mundane as shopping is that many of you who visit will do so over the weekend and if you have the notion to do a bit of shopping you’ll find the shops all shut on a Sunday. This centre apparently has been authorised to stay open 7 days a week.It apparently has over 120 different shops so I’m pretty sure you’d find something worth buying


Let me make my views on shopping clear, I FUCKING hate it, I am blessed that my lovely wife was SAS trained when it comes to shopping, in and out in five minutes, pop bang, lovely. All that said there is enough going on around the centre that a man can amuse himself for an hour or two while the credit card takes a kicking. Apart from the rock museum there is also a roof viewing terrace and you will get some cracking views of the city from it. There are also some nice little bars surrounding Pl Espanya where you can “waste” an hour or two.

No bad view from roof

Another grand wee view

Incidentally if you are dragged there on a Saturday there is a little bar a couple of minutes from the centre on Gran Via (on airport side) called Bar Espanya, it’s nothing more than a hole in the wall but they show all the English Premiership games that you get on Sky and quite often one of the Saturday 3pm kick offs (remember them?) and the beer is pretty cheap so everyone’s a winner


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