Piece in our time

You all know about the ham culture here in Barcelona, you also have yer chorizo, local sausages, black puddings  an all. So, you’d think that you’d happily live off sandwiches during a trip here. Sadly you’d be wrong. The sangers here are, in the main, basic and disappointing,. a baguette scraped with a bit of tomato and the filling. It doesn’t take long to get bored of them.

There are of course the Subway franchises but if you come to Barca and decide to visit one of these type of establishments you should be ashamed. As one of my mates once said “I’d be less ashamed if I was spotted coming out of a hoor hoose than a McDonald’s”

I did make mention of a great sandwich place in yesterday’s blog and that recommendation stands but I have to credit my mate Warren, Barcelona’s most positive, miserable, fucking bastard. When he heard about the blog I was ordered to try a place just off Passeig De Colon (*snigger*) at the back of the Correo (Post Office) at the foot of Via Laietana.

It’s called Bo de B and does made-to-order sandwiches.

A piece, a piece my kingdom for a piece

On my visit I had a hot beef sandwich, stuffed full of beef and salady stuff of my choosing. They had a fantastic selection of sauces and I have to say it’s the best sandwich I’ve had in the city. Another bonus is that they bake their own bread and it’s much better than the overly crunchy stuff you get in a load of places.

Like a couple of other places I’ve recommended don’t come expecting a quiet peaceful dining experience. It’s always rammed both inside and out but this can largely be explained by the fact that my sandwich was only 3.50 euro and quality and value like that will always make a place popular in the main tourist area.

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