It’s for the kids, you know

I got some feedback that prompted me to change the pace a little, so this entry has something for those of you who have had their lives ruined blessed by kids and, as an added bonus, something for those readers who are “good to their mothers”.

Overlooking Barcelona centre is Montjuic Castle and park and there are worse ways to spend a morning or afternoon than having a wee explore around the park. The easiest way to get there is to get the funicular (wee train) from Parallel up to the first level of the park, from here you have a couple of options, get the cable car to the castle or walk. With regard to option two I’d warn you it is a good hike, only tackled by the sort of families who wear identical clothes and look like the family tree is a bit,well, bare. You know, like the Welsh.

Here is the “Norton-Friendly” bit, when you come out the funicular station to your right is the swimming pool where Kylie filmed a video. If you are inclined, and have some cotton swabs you could mebbes get some of her DNA, however due to her crossover appeal I suggest there could be a disturbing amount of male DNA in the same area.

I recommend you only take the cable car to the castle one way, the walk down is pleasant and, if you have kids, there is plenty to explore. The castle itself is a decent waste of half an hour or so, there are big guns an that and some cracking views of the city.

The cable car to the castle

Big gun up that castle

If you start to walk down, there is a nice viewpoint and garden with a bar to take on board some well earned beer. On the left as you go down there is a park and I do suggest you take some time to wander round, there are some cracking stuff that kids and adults will enjoy, a couple of musical installations, an old fashioned water pump, and a rather ace Charlie Chaplin statue

Charlie Chaplin statchoo

When you come out the park I suggest you head to the area at Hotel Miramar, just past it there is a very nice bar (not the cheapest but not mad expensive) where you can relax, have a bite to eat and take in some fantastic views of the city. For you single types investing in a bottle of cava here will be a very shrewd investment.

Bar near Miramar, not the worst view in the world

The park is an easy attraction to miss when there are so many other things going on but, especially if you have kids, I suggest you make the effort

Photos will follow this weekend and a word for the guy who prompted this entry, he is one of the guys behind a very entertaining daily TV and food email at Get on it despite the fact one of the guys has a problem with Martine McCutcheon, I reckon he’d make a bee-line for the Kylie video shoot pool

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