Finding some romance on the Ramblas

For some of you who have been here before “romance” does not mean being approached by a young lady wearing The Huggy Bear Women’s Collection at 3am at the bottom of the Ramblas.

Barcelona is a very romantic city, the ideal place for a long weekend with the man, woman, stuffed animal of your choice. I once had a chat with a guy from the tourist board who, for some reason, dismissed my suggestion for a new slogan for the city, targeted at young lovers. He felt “Barcelona, bring her here and you are GUARANTEED yer Nat King” He felt it was a tad direct and exposed the council to potential legal action from gentlemen who returned home with “excess baggage”

The places in the Ramblas area I have recommended so far have been “earthy” chosen for value for money and quality of food rather than their “I’m deffo gettin’ it tonight” qualities

In Plaza Reial most people get drawn toward a place called Quinze Nits on the plaza. The reason for this is that it  normally has a huge queue outside it solely because they do a set menu and have two sittings per night. It’s okay but does have the feel of school dinners about it, mind you, if they served apple crumble with pink custard I’d be all over it.

The thing is that  10 yards from Quinze Nits, in the little lane between the plaza and Carrer Ferran is a wee place called La Crema Canela. Much like El Paraguayo it really has no right to be that good so close to the Ramblas.

The menu changes regularly, starters are around the 5 euro mark, mains around 10 euro. Great value for the location and the food has never let me down. The decor inside is very stylish, the service is excellent and the bill won’t cripple you for months afterwards. So, for those of you who are careful with your cash but still want to impress your partner this place is ideal.

She'll pretty much have to

Only thing I’d add is that taking a wee stroll past it during the day and reserving a table is strongly recommended

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