Barcelona, they have a football team you know

I am pretty sure you are aware that, at the moment, Barcelona have a team that have been officially rated in the  “No’ bad” bracket and one player, Messi, described memorably as “The Argentinian Ashley Grimes”, praise indeed.

If you can ignore the understandable backlash about Barca, caused in large part by the gentlemen of the press playing the biscuit game when talking about them then, as a football fan do yourself a favour and see them live. I say this, not because I have become a fan but because one of my best footballing memories is seeing Maradona,live, at Hampden Park  in 1979. They slaughtered us that day, and this was a time when Scotland had a good team, in a decade where Scotland qualified for twice as many World Cups as England. (I accept completely the pathetic nature of that last comment)

When you are in your dotage, sitting in your bath chair, smelling faintly of ammonia in whatever shitehole of a home your kids have put you in you can always say “I saw that Messi back in the day you know” just before the nurse leaves you alone for three hours because you’ve just shat yourself.

With a few exceptions getting tickets for the games is a fairly easy, these being the Madrid derby, big CL games or a Liga decider.

All games will be scheduled on the site as a Saturday game but be warned this can change. Around ten days before the fixture the three TV companies, Canal, Gol TV and council telly decide the fixture list. The game can be either 8 or 10 o’clock on Saturday or 7 or 9 o’clock on the Sunday so make sure you take account of this when booking your trip.

Tickets go on sale on the website 2 weeks before the match after the members have had their chance to buy theirs. Recently an official stall has been set up near the top of the Ramblas and they sell tickets 4 days before the fixture and this would save you a trip to the ticket office at the stadium.

My recommendation is that you go to the stadium to get your tickets, the main reason is that it gives you the chance to tie in the visit with the stadium tour. From the outside the stadium isn’t “that” impressive, you need to get inside to get the proper experience. (I have often said the same about Martine McCutcheon)

It's all a bit "meh"

The tour ticket is around 15 euro and for one reason it is worth every penny. The first time you see the stadium in all its glory is when you take the tour, pass the away dressing room, the little chapel and then walk up the tunnel up to the dug outs (stick yer technical area up your hoop). Now, if the hairs on the back of your neck don’t stick up, even allowing for the fact you are surrounded by a load of Japanese tourists burning their way through their camera memory cards, then your name is Julien Clary.

After that you get taken up to the directors box and then on to the press box, I suggest if you have a fear of heights then I’d swerve the last bit, it’s not vertigo sufferer friendly.

View from the directors box

Once you’ve done all that you exit via the museum and it’s an interesting enough wander through the club’s history.

If you are here for the football then combining the tour with the ticket purchase is highly recommended.

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3 Responses to Barcelona, they have a football team you know

  1. Fitzy aff the Huddleboard says:

    Loving this blog, Jim. The only caveat I would add to this post is to check if your hotel sells tickets first rather than buy at the Nou Camp. I only say this because I once spent a horrible hour in the blazing July sun trying to buy tickets up at the stadium.

    Last time I went, my hotel sold me one for €5 over face value, which was well worth it to avoid all the hassle.

    Regardless, everyone should be sure to do the tour.

  2. A. Glasgowguy says:


    Really enjoyed reading through all the entries. Any chance you could give me some info on barca games please?

    1. It seems difficult to get tickets with 2 seats together. Any way round this?

    2. Do folks go for scran before or after a game considering it ends prob around 11?

    3. Any part of the stadium I should not get seats in? i.e ultra territory

    thanks in advance,


    • 1 The seats are together, the thing is all odd numbers are one side of the passage the even the other side. So you’d get seats 1 & 3 and be sitting next to each other

      2 Both! A dinner before you go and a snack when you come back

      3 Nah, the Ultras area id ticket holders only you can’t get a seat in there

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