To paraphrase Greg Wallace off of Masterchef

*Makes very disturbing vinegar strokes face*

“Value doesn’t get any better than this”

If you are in Barcelona and  don’t want to spend the next three months sobbing when the credit card bill arrives than I suggest that you take full advantage of the lunchtime Menu Del Dias offered by most restaurants.

In the interests of research the Mrs and I wandered round the area surrounding Pl. Universitat and finally settled on a place called La Cathedra, two mins from Universitat on Gran Via.

Menu, have your phrase book handy

A more than decent selection and the first thing you may notice is the price, a whopping 11 euro. Let me explain what these robbing bastards serve up for that price.

I decided on the shellfish paella, huge portion, absolutely chock full of prawns an that, absolutely delicious. The menu also comes with swally so we had a bottle of red and some gaseosa ( a very weak lemonade) to make Tinto De Verano. A perfect summer swally and no mistake, Alkie Vimto is the best description of it I’ve heard.

Rerr, just rerr

The Mrs plumped for the Tortellini, again a massive portion.

For the main course, herself went for the steak and I decided on the rabbit, both were different class and any hopes the dug had of a wee carry out of leftovers were cruelly dashed thanks to the quality of the scran.

The last resting place of Ermintrude and Bugs, in mah belleh

I initially decided to forego a sweet for a coffee until the waiter uttered the magic words, “Dulce de leche”. As a scotcher you’ll be familiar with this stuff as the caramel bit in caramel shortcake. It’s the business (if you see it in your supermarket, buy a jar and a packet of digestive biscuits, watch the pounds fly on, and your teeth fly out). They brought me a little tart smothered in the stuff, (a fantasy that I’ve had for some time if truth be told) A fitting end to the best value lunch I’ve had in a long time

Dulce de leche, food of the overweight and toothless Gods

There are loads of restaurants all over the city that do deals like this, get involved and then do the tapas thing at night. It’s the future, I’ve tasted it.

The very place

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