Apart from scran and swally stuff

I’ll try to work in some general tourist type advice and some other stuff from around the city. If anyone has anything specific they would like to know then leave a comment, I’ll google the subject and then write a whole load of pish, passed off as my own.

The rich artistic heritage of Barcelona needs no explanation, yer Guadis, Picassos an that are all really famous. Against that background I expected that graffiti artists would bring some of that quality to their work here in the city. Alas no, underneath is a bit of graffiti spotted in Montjuic Park.

Poor,poor effort

I think the first comment I’d make is that the “boaby” is (comfortingly) small. While that is, obviously, an error there is an even more glaring omission. I cannot believe that the cock and balls “Law” of three hairs per testicle has been cruelly ignored.People died to have that law enshrined in the consciousness of the nation There really is no excuse for this oversight. The poster itself is hugely cock and balls friendly and to spoil such a blank canvas in this manner is unforgiveable.

While the graffiti artists have let the side down a word for the planners and architects who undoubtedly giggled their way through the process of building (very proud I avoided using “erection”) of Torre Agbar should be commended for their work. I have yet to learn what Catalan for is “I can’t believe they are letting us build a huge boaby”.

The Anne Summers Building

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