Okay, I may have lied, a bit

I said that I would attempt to keep this blog focused on the sort of places that wouldn’t break the bank, I kind of lied, a bit. The next place up is one of the best steak restaurants I have ever been in.

First up, it is genuinely 2 minutes walk from the Ramblas, a restaurant this good has no fucking right to be so close to the main tourist attraction in the city.

The El Paraguayo is, not to put too fine a point on it, NINJA ACE, I have two tips, stick their starters up yer arse, not because they are not tasty or that, but you go to the Paraguayo for a big lump of dead animal not barbequed corn on the cob or the like.

My meat recommendation is the Chuleton, a kilo of steak served on a little barbeque thingmy. It isn’t cheap at around 55 euro but can do 3 or 4 normal people or two greedy, fat, bastards. What I like about it is that it is perfect when you have people who enjoy their steak prepared differently. I am from the “a good vet would have that back on its feet” camp while the wife likes hers cooked, pfffft, burds, eh? The wee barbeque yoke means that you can have yours done the way you like it

You can find details of the place here


I should point out that many of the pics I will post will have been taken early in the morning, so expect much roller shutterage an that

If I was a cow is this where I'd want to be taken and cooked, after being slaughtered humanely obviously

Big dod of deid coo

Deid coo cooking away nicely

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