An introduction

Welcome everyone.

I spend a huge amount of time wandering the streets of Barcelona due to the exercise requirements of my dug, Tommy. He was rescued from the dog home in May 2010 and took my wife’s name, Burns as we got him on the 2 nd anniversary of Tommy’s death. He’s now 15 months old and needs a power of walking to tire the fecker out.. I live near Montjuic Park and have reasonably easy access to the main tourist areas. I often get asked for tourist information so I thought I’d combine the walks with El Dug and tourist info.

I’ll  focus on places that may not appear on the guide books and will try and keep to places that won’t break the bank.

First up is the best place for cheap scran and swally in the whole of Europe, known locally as the Champaneria. It’s halfway between the Ramblas and the beach at Barceloneta

There are no signs outside and frankly it looks like a shitehole from the outside and isn’t a whole lot better on the inside either

First thing is that you will need a wee bit of tourist Spanish i.e. how to order a sandwich and Cava Rosado, this is because the surly chaps behind the counter don’t do any languages other than Catalan or Spanish. The format of this place is rough and ready to put it mildly, it is always utterly rammed, there are no seats so if you are looking for a comfortable eating experience forget it. You will get bumped, bashed and homicidally annoyed, especially if backpack laden Americans have found the place.  The food is basic and, most importantly, largely deep-fried. The rule is that you have to order two plates of food or two sandwiches and they will serve you a bottle of cava. The scran is between 2 and 4 euro a plate and the cava is 4 euro a bottle. I’d strongly recommend getting a plato mixto which is a deep-fried selection of chorizo, morcilla (local black pudding) and local sausage. The other plate I’d recommend the cheese as it is fantastic with the cava rosado.

So, for two people you will get a decent feed and a nice wee glow for around the ten euro mark.

The only other thing I’d add is that if you are staying in an apartment there is a little shop at the very rear of the place and stocking up your fridge with goodies from there is deffo a great shout

Looks like a shitehole from the outside, not an impression that changes much when you go inside

A quiet day in the Champaneria (serious)

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