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Get the f**k outtahere

For yer proper holiday types, i.e the ones where your partner doesn’t speak to you for 2 weeks as opposed to just the two days there are some great places within an easy commute of Barcelona. The idea of having … Continue reading

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Walking on the beaches, lookin’ at the…erm

One of the reasons that Barcelona is such a huge tourist attraction is that it offers the opportunity to enjoy a city break, with all you’d expect, sightseeing, culture, shopping an that. But in Barcelona you can also experience the … Continue reading

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Hot off the press

I said I’d like to put stuff on the blog that you may not find in other guides. In a shameless and lazy effort to fulfill this aim I am going to tell you about a new shopping centre, Las … Continue reading

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And so to bed

I thought a couple of words about where to stay and what kind of accommodation you should be looking at was a little overdue. With regard to location I do suggest that you do look at somewhere within walking distance … Continue reading

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Piece in our time

You all know about the ham culture here in Barcelona, you also have yer chorizo, local sausages, black puddings¬† an all. So, you’d think that you’d happily live off sandwiches during a trip here. Sadly you’d be wrong. The sangers … Continue reading

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There is hardly a day that goes by..

When I don’t think fondly of Scotland, well more accurately the chip shops and Greggs The Bakers. There are few things in life more comforting than the well-fed wummin behind the counter in Greggs advising you that the Steak Bake … Continue reading

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Tackling yer tapas

The chances of you coming here and not getting wired in about some tapas action are as slim as Dawn French. I have to say this subject is the hardest to comment upon, when you have lived here a while … Continue reading

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